Recognising our hard working volunteer - Chris Breckell

Our Community recognises our hardworking volunteer.
The backbone of our Touch Community
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Let's take a moment to recognise Community Member Chris Breckell. A fantastic role model in the community particularly in the sports industry.
Chris’s contribution to the Mackay Community is outstanding with at least 23 years dedicated to the sport of Touch Football.
Chris has volunteered for Magpies Touch Football, Mackay Touch Association and North Queensland Touch. Over the years, Chris’s roles in Touch Football have been club coach, club referee, association coach, association referee, association tour manager senior and junior, association committee member, association treasurer, association vice president, NQ Touch tour manager, NQ Touch committee member and NQ Touch finance officer. Chris has been involved in all the planning for Mackay Touch since joining the committee and has implemented modifications to comply with COVID 19 requirements.
Chris is a very quiet achiever and is there to help in anything that is happening. He sets up and clears the fields three nights a week and with his family run the canteen on those nights. There is no allowance for Life Membership in the association’s constitution, or this would have been awarded to Chris several years ago. Chris has been an integral part of Mackay Touch Association whether it be with working bees at the fields, maintenance on buildings or mowing the fields.
Chris’s hobbies and interests outside of sport are spending time with his family and fishing, and his favourite sporting person is Darren Lockyer.
What would Chris like to achieve in his role as a volunteer? To continue to improve opportunities for Mackay Touch players both junior and senior, and to promote Touch Football throughout the community.
Chris is always the first to put his hand up and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you Chris for your contribution to sport in Mackay.