Senior Touch Football

Season Information - Season 1, 2021

CompetitionCommencesGrand Final
Over 30'sMonday 1st February, 2021Monday 7th June, 2021
MixedWednesday 3rd February, 2021Wednesday 9th June, 2021
Men's & Women's (Open-age)Friday 5th February, 2021Friday 11th June, 2021

Nominations close Monday 25th January, 2021, for all competitions.

Exception dates (no games):

  • 2-5th April 2021 (Easter Break)
  • 16th April (Junior State Cup in Townsville)

Fees & Special Deals

Player Registration$50 per playerPaid online at time of registration.
Match fee (per game)$70 per team, per gamePaid at the canteen prior to taking the field.
Early Bird Match Fees*:  
- Over 30's*$1020 per team(covers 15 rounds + finals series)
- Mixed*$1080 per team(covers 16 rounds + finals series)
- Men's/Women's*$960 per team(covers 14 rounds + finals series)

No direct debit is available.

* About Early Bird Deals
Early bird deals for bulk match fee payments must be paid on or before the 3rd round of competition.

Please be aware any refunds, for forfeits, rained-out games etc, will be at the discretion of Mackay Touch Association Executive and will be decided upon at the end of each season.

Interested in refereeing?

Refereeing is a great way to give back to the game you love, and keep fit while you're at it. If you're interested in refereeing, please let us know!

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Conditions of Entry

  1. Minimum of 10 players per team. Nomination not accepted and team not put into draw until the minimum number are registered. Dual registrations, that is one player nominating for a and b grade is not acceptable. It is strongly encouraged that mixed nominations should have minimum 5 female and 5 male registered.
  2. Registration:
    Player registration fee is $50.00 per player per competition to be online when registering. All players must be registered online and be financial prior to their 1st game. Paying your registration fee does not register you, you must go online to register. This is not done for you by Mackay Touch Admin. To play unregistered or unfinancial will result in a forfeit by the team involved.
  3. Competitions:
    Monday nights:  O 30’s*,
    Wednesday night: Mixed**
    Friday night: Open Men’s & Women**

    *must be turning 30 in that year to play over 30's, players under 30 playing in seniors will result in a forfeit for the team.
    **a player must be turning 13 years the year of competition to participate.

    A player can only play in one team per competition unless club rules apply.
  4. All teams must play in full uniform: team shirt (same colour with numbers), shorts must be same base colour, shoes and socks (no metal tags), by week 4. Any player not in uniform cannot take to the field. Playing without correct uniform will result in a forfeit for the team.
  5. Referees:
    Each team must supply at least one (1) referee (2) would be preferable. Your team is requested to nominate a capable referee to fulfil this request so as to get the best quality referees. If your team does not have a level 1 or above referee, a free referees course will be held within the first three (3) weeks of season start at the Mackay Touch grounds.

    A team nomination will not be taken unless there is at least one (1) referee nominated. This nominated referee must referee when appointed or your team will receive a $100.00 fine and the referee will incur a two (2) week suspension. If the team referee is unavailable it is this referee or teams responsibility to find a replacement. If your team forfeits and your team is down to referee this obligation must still be met.

    Your team referee will either referee the time slot before or after the game. Referees also get paid for reffing. This can be a nice amount to collect at the end of the season.
  6. Forfeits:
    Teams must notify Mackay Touch (by phone) prior to 12.00pm the day of competition if they are forfeiting. If a team forfeits three (3) times, that team may then be left out of the draw for the remainder of the season.. A forfeiture after12pm but before is a $70 fine after 5pm or a no show will be $140.00

    When a team does not show up for their game it is a forfeit.  For any scratch match to be played the forfeiting side must pay their games fees on the fixture night. Scratch matches must only be played by the teams and players displayed in the draw. A player may not “fill in” for another team at any time or when that player is from a “bye/forfeiting” team. Any player from one team (outside of club rules) that plays for another team will receive a 2 week suspension. The team that allows that player to play with them will lose any points gained for that game plus an extra 3 points.
  7. Scorecards:
    Players who played must be marked down as played with a tick, those not playing must be crossed off. It is the teams responsibility to fill in scorecards and if not filled in correctly it could make players ineligible to play finals. Once signed at end of game you are accepting that all information is correct.  If a team plays a player under another name the team will forfeit the match and lose an extra 3 points.
  8. For players to qualify for finals they must have played five (5) round games for their nominated team. Please note rained out games do not count towards eligibility for finals.
  9. Code of Conduct:
    Mackay Touch association has a code of conduct to ensure that everyone can participate in touch football in a competitive but enjoyable environment free from any form of abuse and/or harassment whether it is as a referee, player, coach or spectator. We urge all teams to ensure everyone attending Mackay Touch grounds are made aware of the expectations of their behavior.